4 Ways to Use Cannabis & Damiana to Enhance Your Sex Life

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone is talking about spicing it up for your significant other. While I’m not a big fan of this holiday because I believe you should show your love and appreciation all year round without forced, big gestures. I do however believe in enhancing your romantic experience with your significant other. Who doesn’t like to feel more pleasure? So, let’s get into some ways that you can enhance your sex life using cannabis and damiana.

Mild Edibles or Bath Bomb to Help You Relax

Medicated bath bombs

Being relaxed going into your romantic experience is key for experiencing pleasure and the big “O”. So, why not start out by eating some mild edibles that are about 10-25mg for THC and/or about 30mg for CBD. You can take both CBD & THC or just THC or CBD. There are many options available for edibles and is not limited to just sweets anymore. Alternately, you could also take a calming bath prior to getting romantic with your partner. You can add a medicated bath bomb to your bath to help relax in place of the edibles. You could also take a medicated bath together if you have the space available to further increase connection prior to sex.

Start With a Medicated Massage

Medicated cannabis massage oil

You can buy medicated massage oil and take turns giving each other massages to further relax and get into the mood. It’s easy to make your own too. Simply use infused coconut oil. You can add other oils such as jojoba, sweet almond or argan oil as well as essential oils for scent. The THC will help to relieve any muscle acts and pains and the massages will help you to connect with your partner. Remember to have fun with it and enjoy the connection with them.

Mixing Cannabis & Damiana Herb in Joint or Vapourizer

Damiana flowers & plant

You can also try using the herb Damiana to help get you in the mood. It is a natural aphrodisiac that helps draw blood to the genitals which makes for a more pleasurable experience. You can buy the dry herb from many apothecary type websites. I buy mine here. Damiana can be made into a tea or you can grind it up and mix it with cannabis and add to a vapourizer or joint.

Use or Make a Medicated Lubricant

Canna Sutra medicated personal lubricant

Another way to enhance your sex life with cannabis is to use a medicated personal lubricant. Alternatively, you can simply use an infused coconut oil as a medicated lubricant. It’s basically all the store bought ones are. They may contain some essential oils and/or other oils but they aren’t necessary for it to work. Simply use the lubricant like you would any other and enjoy the extra fireworks.

Now, go enjoy trying out these ways to enhance your sex life using cannabis and damiana. Go for a three-way with your partner and Mary Jane!

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