5 Tips for Growing Organic Cannabis Naturally

Before I get into the tips for growing organic cannabis, we need to talk about what “organic” means. There are many different definitions of what exactly growing organic cannabis is, but to me, it simply means using the most natural sources for the nutrients. They use things such as worm castings, alfalfa meal, glacial rock dust, natural rock phosphate, insect frass, and kelp meal. It’s important to me in my growing to mimic nature as much as I can. In my opinion, that is the best way to grow your cannabis.

Growing organic cannabis comes with its own set of challenges and I’m here to help with them. I have compiled my best tips for growing organic cannabis. Hopefully, by sharing these it’ll help someone on their organic growing journey with cannabis. I have had great success using Gaia Green Organic Dry Amendments since I started growing in late 2018. But, there are many other great brands for growing organic. For example, Dr.Earth and Down to Earth are very comparable to Gaia Green. So, let’s get into the 7 tips for growing organic cannabis naturally.

1. Make D.I.Y. Supplemental Nutrients

When growing organically, you can make your own supplemental nutrients with all natural ingredients. It’s very easy if you have the recipes and I have quite a few I can share. You can also make compost teas with natural ingredients to give your plants a boost of specific nutrients in the event of a deficiency.

I have made a DIY Sweet Raw that improves the taste and smell of your cannabis and helps with photosynthesis as well. This recipe simply uses epsom salt and raw cane sugar. I’ve used Fermented Plant Juice and it improved my living soil by increasing the Hypoaspis Miles beneficial mite population in my soil. They are good to prevent fungus gnats and thrips because they feed on the larvae. These bugs are natural pest control without any chemicals or oils. I have also made DIY CalMag for my plants using epsom salt and egg shells.

2. Use Natural pH Up & Down

I prefer using a more natural option for adjusting pH. My local water has a neutral pH of about 7.0. So, I only need to use a pH down typically. I use lemon juice to pH down and it only takes about 1.5-2ml per gallon of water to get it around 6.4. You can also use baking soda in small amounts to pH up naturally. But, be careful as this can increase your total dissolved solids amount in the water. You don’t want this too high because it can cause salt build up in the medium. There is a also company called Earth Juice that makes natural pH adjusting solutions. If you make your own though, it is cheaper. Not to mention, you likely have lemon juice and baking soda at home already.

3. Cleanliness & Airflow is Important

When growing cannabis organically, it’s very important to have proper air circulation and keep your grow room clean. This is because when you grow organically, especially with living soil, you’re more prone to pests. When you have living soil, you are creating a soil with many beneficial bugs, fungi and organisms within it. By providing proper air circulation and keeping a clean grow room, you reduce the risk of pests. Now, it’s always important to do these things but it’s especially important when growing organically.

4. Use Rain Water or Melted Snow to Mimic Nature

I love collecting and using rain water or snow on my plants. I believe that when you’re growing organically, it’s best to mimic nature as best as you can. There are many benefits to using rain or snow to water. Let’s explore them.

  • Contains more oxygen than tap water
  • Helps release micronutrients
  • Contains less chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and chloramine
  • Saves money
  • Snow can be used to help budding plants mature by simulating winter

5. Be Patient (Especially with Soil)

This is something I have learned through experience. When you’re growing organic cannabis, especially in soil, it can take longer than any other grow style. So, it’s important to be patient in the last few weeks. You can gain up to about 25% of the final weight in the last few weeks of flower. For this reason, being patient can really pay off. If you’re growing in living soil, it can take longer because the organisms in the soil need to break down the amendments into available nutrients for the plants. Nevertheless, when you grow your cannabis organically, it has the best smell and taste of any other grow style.

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