About Plant Medicine Mama

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

Safe Use of Plant Medicine is Key

High There! 👋

I’m Emily Desjardins, creator of Plant Medicine Mama. It’s so nice to meet you!

I started my first website ‘Marijuana Mama 420’ in 2019, shortly after legalization in Canada. I started it in the hopes of teaching people how to grow their own cannabis at home. As my website grew, so did I. I expanded my horizons and wanted to include more about microdosing psilocybin mushrooms, all natural DIY recipes & eco-friendly switches to try on my website. I wanted to change the name because I wasn’t just writing about cannabis exclusively anymore. Plus, it may improve my reach on social media because of the way they’ve been treating cannabis accounts in recent years.

Plant Medicine Mama’s goal is to help break the stigma around parents using plant medicines for their mental health and general wellness. My mission is to educate others on safe use of plant medicines as well as how to grow your own medicine. I want to offer people (especially parents like me) another, more natural way of treating their depression, post partum depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, or PTSD. I’m aware that it’s not for everyone, but I want people to know that there are other options available.

Holistic Approach to Health & Wellness

Plant Medicine Mama is a firm believer that there is a plant for every ailment. Although western medicine has its place, unless it’s an emergency that requires serious medical intervention, I always opt to go the holistic route first. I haven’t even taken a Tylenol or Advil in 2 years now. A big part of holistic health is healing your gut. It is a vital part of your health and mental health. Did you know that up to 95% of serotonin (the natural mood booster) production happens in the gut? Healing your gut can have effects on both your physical health and mental health.

My Healing Journey

I have been using cannabis for my mental health and migraines for a total of 10 years. After having my son in 2017, a combination of loss of self, continued sleep deprivation and a spiritual awakening had me searching for something natural to deal with my depression and lack of energy. This lead me to begin microdosing psilocybin in November of 2020. I had great success microdosing psilocybin mushrooms for my mental health and the month long regimen had long lasting effects.

I have been dealing with depression since my teens. I have been through my fair share of trauma. I was sexually assaulted, in a volatile & abusive relationship and addicted to ecstacy, all before the age of 18. This lead to depression that I started treating with cannabis. It worked great for a long time, that is, until my son was born. The extra stress of being a new mom, the new responsibilities and no time for myself caused my depression to get worse.

Feeling like you lost who you are when you have a child can be very hard to overcome. Pair that with fact that my son didn’t sleep more than about 3-4 hours until he was about 3 years old. I struggled with only feeling like a mom & a wife, but not Emily. I couldn’t even bring myself to do the things that I normally loved doing. I started experimenting with using a combination of cannabis, microdosing psilocybin and CBD oil. Luckily, I was able to get relief when I used them in combination.

Growing My Own Medicine

I’ve been growing my own cannabis since legalization in Canada in October 2018. When growing my cannabis, I try to mimic nature whenever possible. This starts with using organic supersoil or living soil. I mainly use organic dry amendments for nutrients for my plants. I also use many D.I.Y. nutrient recipes made with simple ingredients from home that you likely have already. I collect and use rain water for my plants, as well. I offer all the base information needed to start growing your own organic cannabis on this website.

I believe that people should have the ability to grow their own medicine. I understand that not all people can grow cannabis in their current situation, but I think everyone should know how to grow their own. It creates a whole new appreciation for the cannabis plant. Following a plant from seed to harvest is a truly magical experience. The amount of stress these plants can take and still make it to harvest is astonishing. Not to mention, that gardening is a therapeutic activity.

All Natural, Toxin Free, Eco-Friendly Living

Last year, I started my journey of trying to reduce the toxic load in my body. I started slowly but eventually I had replaced all my skin care, hair care and cleaning products in my house with natural versions. This lead me to making my own skin care products, hair care products, cleaning products, and buying toxin free products, if purchased at a store. I also made switches in the home that would reduce waste such as reusable bamboo paper towels, bamboo toothbrushes, organic cotton produce bags, beeswax food wrap, and more. I will be writing about these items as I use them and review them.

Becoming More Self-Sustaining

In an effort to become more self-sustaining, I will be growing my own food & herbs in raised bed gardens this upcoming summer (2022). I want to be able to grow my own food in the future and be less reliant on the grocery store for my produce. I’m planning on growing a bunch of fruits, vegetables, herbs and possibly some grains as well. I hope to grow my gardens a little bit bigger each year. We currently have four raised bed planters that are 3’×5′ and two 1’×4′ planters for herbs and sunflowers. Stay tuned to watch my gardening journey this upcoming spring.