Adding Intentions to Your Cannabis Plants

Seeds Starting with Clear Quartz Lasers in the Soil

This may not be for everyone, but you can use the magical properties of cannabis to aid in your healing or even to manifest. It needs to be used with intention though and not while mindlessly scrolling on social media. You can begin infusing it with intention while growing by adding intentions into the water before watering your plants. On top of adding intention into the water for my plants, I also charge some of that water under the moon. By doing this, it takes on the properties of that moon phase. Let’s talk about adding intentions to your water, water programming and Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Adding Intentions to Your Water

Adding intentions to your water has very interesting effects. It was studied in the early 1990s by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He studied the effects that thoughts, prayers, sounds, & intentions on waters molecular structure. He found that positive words, prayers and thoughts made the structure of the water molecule close to that of a snowflake. Intricate and beautiful. But, if negative things were said to the water, it didn’t create beautiful structures. On average, the human body is made up of between 50-65% water. Just think of the effects if you talk to yourself positively.

Various intentions/words/thoughts and their effects on water molecules
(from Dr. Emoto’s study)

This study shows that you can add intention to your water and program it to hold that intention within its molecular structure. I typically add the intentions of love, gratitude, healing, euphoria, and pain relief to my cannabis plants. I also speak kind words to my plants on a regular basis. Talking to them and encouraging them to grow and become wonderful, healing plants.

Using Moon Water for Your Cannabis Plants

On top of adding intentions to the water, you can also charge water with the energy of the moon. The phase the moon is in will determine the energies of will take on. Here are the different phases and what their properties are.

  • New Moon – new beginnings, setting intentions, cleansing (germinating seeds)
  • Waxing – growth, planning, taking action (when plant is growing)
  • Full Moon – goal coming to fruition, power, success, charging items (germinating seeds, watering near harvest)
  • Waning Moon – banishing, releasing, letting go, internal work/reflection

Simply put some water outside in a jar, bucket or container of some sort where the moonlight will shine on it. You can leave it for a couple hours and then bring it in. A window or windsill can also be used to put your water out to absorb the moonlight. You should take some time with the water to put your intentions into it prior to putting out outside. Say a prayer/blessing over it and/or meditate for a few minutes to focus on your intention. You can add crystals around the water that match your intention to amplify it. Once it’s been outside or in the moonlight for a few hours, you can bring it inside until you’re ready to water your plants with it.

Adding Crystals Into Your Growing Medium

I love crystals and all their properties. So, of course I use them in my gardening. I add the crystals into my growing medium prior to planting my germinated seeds to aid in growing.

Some crystals I’ll typically use are:

  • Clear Quartz – master healer, amplifies intention
  • Rose Quartz – stone of love, promotes fertility
  • Green Aventurine – prosperity/abundance, luck, promotes root growth
  • Sodalite – root growth and general health, promotes peace and harmony
Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine (from left going clockwise)

**Before using any crystal in your medium, make sure that it is water safe**

Adding Intentions to Your Cannabis Before Smoking

Prior to smoking, you can charge your cannabis with intentions using crystals and/or moonlight. You can also simply put your intentions into your cannabis. Focus on those intentions in sort of a meditative state while preparing your cannabis for smoking or vaping. I started using my cannabis to aid in my healing, rather than just escaping from my problems. You can use cannabis intentionally to find clarity on a situation, to heal, or to break old patterns. Cannabis isn’t only for healing the physical body, but also for emotional healing.

Make It a Ritual

Turn it into a ritual! Go somewhere quiet and sit down. Get your cannabis ready to smoke by grinding it up and either rolling it or loading it into your vape or bong. Set your intentions before lighting it or turning on your vapourizer. Set the intention to open your mind, to relieve stress, to be inspired, to be creative, to get a good night’s rest, to feel good or to be present in the moment. Whatever you need at that time.

Then, just sit and breath deeply for a while. Let any intuitive messages come through while you’re deep breathing. Then, focus on how you are feeling. Set your intentions and focus on how you want to feel. Let those feelings expand. Use cannabis to connect to your higher self, no pun intended. It also connects you to nature and doing this in nature can be even more rewarding. Although, this is not always possible due to the weather. Cannabis is a high vibrational plant and when used with intention can help raise your vibration.

Charging Your Cannabis Under the Moon

When you charge your candle under the moonlight, the phase makes all the difference. Each phase has different properties. Align your intentions with the phase of the moon of similar properties.

  • New Moon – new beginnings, setting intentions, cleansing
  • Waxing – growth, planning, taking action
  • Full Moon – manifestation, power, success, charging items
  • Waning Moon – banishing, releasing, letting go, internal work/reflection

Get Intentional!

Now you know how to grow and consume your cannabis intentionally. So, go get intentional with your cannabis. Make it a part of your regular self-care routine and watch the difference it makes in your life. I hope that this helps someone in their healing journey. I know it has certainly helped with mine.